Family time and the Iron Giant

Family weekend. Today we went to Cirencester to get shoes for the kids, had a pub lunch and watched Natural History programs on iPlayer. This is definitely an energy-raiser for me: time spent with just the 4 of us. We niggle and laugh and tease and argue and share and delight in each other – warts and all.

There’s something about finding our way together that’s quite exciting. If one person is off it sets the unit on edge and we readjust and renegotiate until we operate as one again. That process might involve arguments and tantrums but we do always find our way back to the single focus making those moments  all the more delicious.

It occurs to me that this description of family could also apply to our inner landscape. We might find emotional balance but when a part of us responds negatively to a circumstance (guilt, blame, doubt etc.) that balance is set off-kilter and inner ‘arguments’ are created. We talk about ‘battling with ourselves’ – trying to find solutions to our inner dilemmas. Sometimes we find these answers sometimes we don’t. But, as in family, it is always our instinct to right imbalance. Our natural in-flow state is harmony – whether it be as a group or individually. We seek it always – subconciously, instinctively. This is what longing is – that battle between any negativity we might harbour about ourselves and an unavoidable impulse towards our own good – Wholeness.

Recently I was part of a group activity where night after night we got together for meals but then some wandered off and some stayed up to chat. Then one of the group got hurt and it was really striking how the group that night (once the drama had settled a bit), totally unconciously, stayed up until late at night – sitting in a tight knit circle and chatting.  It reminded me of how our bodies act when we are wounded. Our brains, senses, cells, organs, antibodies all kick in to ensure that the Whole heals and returns to health.

Have you ever read the book by Ted Hughes called The Iron Giant? It’s also a wonderful children’s movie. (You can see the trailer here). In it there’s a giant robot who at one point loses it’s hand. That hand does not cease looking to reattach itself to it’s owner. It is the instinct of every part of that robot’s anatomy to become whole again.

In this blog, I realise, I’m trying to explore this same natural pull we all have towards wholeness. It is a fundamental belief of mine that we all know what it takes to be whole – it’s just that we’ve forgotten that we have that power. Future Self Now is all about getting back in touch with that knowledge – owning it, tapping into it and using it to become what we’ve always known we are destined to be.


What do you think?

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