If it’s Giffords Circus, you’re happy!

Well it’s very easy to be happy when Giffords Circus is in town. We went there tonight and joy filled the air.

Here is a group of people totally being their passion and loving it. I particularly loved the lady on the silk trapeze who grinned from ear to ear all the time she was performing her act. Tweedy the clown, too, is utterly infectious. Old school fantastic fun.

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So how do you ‘up’ this?


So here’s a list to get me climbing a bit further up that energy ladder!

I’m so grateful for:

  • Nell Gifford
  • Slapstick humour
  • Big tops
  • Unexpected encounters with friends
  • Children’s delighted laughter
  • Spontaneous ‘oos’ and ‘ahs’ from the crowd
  • Family ‘special treats’
  • My home-baked bread
  • Roast pork
  • Great memories unfolding

What do you think?

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