Happiness by proxy

It’s late, I’m in bed, and all hot from having had my computer sitting on my lap for too long. I’ve heard it’s terribly bad for your sleep to spend the twilight moments before shutting your eyes getting cosy with keyboard and screen. But what’s a girl to do when her husband is away all week and Skype bends a finger and says – “Who in the world would you like to chat with tonight?”

I’ve just spent an hour and half talking with my good friend Janet in Canada. She sent me one of her latest books to look at and we had a lot of fun discussing changes and celebrating all that works so well (the vast majority of it). I love Janet’s writing. She has a way with words that I could only dream of possessing. She talks of a toad’s “elastic baritone” and an old boatshed that smells of “gasoline and dark fish and the dusty metallic of old tools”. I love it!

Another friend who I got to appreciate hugely today was Claire. Her work as a Personal Stylist is going from strength to strength at the moment and in wonderfully unexpected and delicious ways. She came around this afternoon to tell me all about it and she just glowed. I got to sit back and watch her sit on the edge of my sofa, barely drinking her tea, telling me some great news she’d just received. Her energy, enthusiasm and excitement enrobed me like a warm meditteranean breeze. (OK – my metaphors are definitely not up to Janet’s standard!)

Enjoying the Mediterranean breeze. (OK, gratuitous picture of hunk, but I saw my opportunity and I took it)

So today my uplifters have been my friends.  What a wonderful thing to witness their joy and excitement! Their passion feeds me, I realise. So I don’t always have to generate my own happiness per se, I just have to stand close enough to others who are radiating love, joy and passion and, with a spirit of gratitude, drink it all in.

What do you think?

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