The big-little things

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. These rose petals from my garden smell divine and feel so soft to the touch.

Little events like these deserve celebrating – then they’re not so little. If, now, before I go to sleep, I think of all the details that made me smile today, perhaps I’ll create beautiful dreams and a good start for tomorrow – worth a go!

  • the smell of my baked bread this evening
  • Julia’s scruffy hair
  • feeling my body gliding through the water this morning at the swimming pool
  • the sound of the rain on my window pane
  • the view of the lake at Tobermory courtesy of a video call to Nancy in Canada
  • Sasha’s proud rendition of Scarborough Fair on his Viola

What big-little things were important to you today?

Night, night. (Note to self, must get to sleep earlier!)


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