A treasure box of mellow

I’m feeling mellow. It makes me want to sink down in my chair and just stare, slack-jawed, out of the window for a couple of hours. Instead – in the spirit of this blog – I will seek to intensify and beautify this feeling. I will create a mini treasure box of Mellow!

(By the way, for email subscribers: if any of the videos below don’t show up in your email box you might like to click on the title above which will take you through to my blog -proper).

Here goes…..

What can be more evocative for English people than a fine day in a country meadow?


I grew up by the sea in North Norfolk and now we go every October with our friends to Cornwall. Waves – ah waves – I am completely in your thrall!



Midnight in Italy this year. I recorded this by the light of a full moon.

Click here to here the cicadas sing their wonderful song




Sights, sounds, lovely memories, our unique spiritual connection to things: what wonderful ways to just Be and cherish our Flow.







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