A Beautiful Unfolding

What a weird day. I felt a bit off-kilter when I got back from the gym, but managed to get grounded again by seeing to the laundry. Later, however, I got a bit hyper just before sending a promotional email out. Nerves perhaps? Just after that I had one of those conversations with a friend where  everything we said wasn’t quite landing with the other person as intended.


  • I found a half-dead mouse writhing on my kitchen floor
  •  I found out from a friend that she’d run over a deer that morning and it had died in her arms – dreadful. She was covered in blood apparently and was deeply shaken all day. I’m not surprised
  • We came across an accident in Stroud where some poor man was lying motionless under a police blanket, his wrecked motorbike crumpled in a nearby hedge.
  •  I took a diversion and had to go back on myself twice because there was a road block

Have you every had a day like this? It’s as if there’s something strange in the air. I don’t think it’s a full-moon is it? Is it some kind of  twisted  karma?

So how do you meet and transform this energy? It would be so easy to get caught up in the drama of  it all .

Well, what I found tonight was that it was a matter of “leaning back into the arms of the angels”. In other words I had to give up all hope of trying to ‘figure it out’ or controlling things, I just had to let it all flow over and around me. I had a very busy night ahead and I wanted everything done before my brother John arrived from France for an overnight stay. We had a lot of great catching up to do! So, I thought, ‘right’ , I can only do what I can do and the rest I’ll leave to unfold as it wants to unfold.

It worked! When I relaxed, things just seemed to sort themselves out – despite the odd unexpected interruption. Looking back, it seems mysterious how everything got done.  All I can say is I love it when I trust the ‘beautiful unfolding’. Thank you angels!


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