Magic Realism

Yesterday I had a great morning with three lovely ladies: Liz, Ahrabella-Heabe and Ruth who came for a Future Self Now ‘Booster Morning’. During the morning, as we all worked with our Future Selves, I received a great insight about pursuing my love of Magic Realism.

Magic Realism is defined in Wikipedia like this:

“A genre of fiction in which magical elements blend with the real world. The story explains these magical elements as real occurrences, presented in a straightforward manner that places the “real” and the “fantastic” in the same stream of thought.”

I do love magic realism. All the children’s fiction I’ve written has been set inside of this mix of the real and the imagined. In fact my last book was called “Hope and the Music Magic”. I also love movies like ‘Big Fish’, ‘Benjamin Button’ and my all time favourite from childhood,’ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.

Here’s a clip which embodies Magic Realism perfectly: one minute they are doing ordinary things – driving a car – the next they discover the car can fly. Magic!


It makes me wonder: is this why I love Future Self Now as a medium for accessing our true potential? Our Future Selves, after all, have the ability to transport us into a wonderful world – one where we are at our most powerful, our most connected and whole. The Present and the Future – the ‘real’ and the ‘magical’ , if you like – can now live in one paradigm to inspire and empower us.

I’m so grateful for this insight – my happiness booster for this weekend – because I realise I must use this love of Magic Realism more. Perhaps I can introduce an element of it in my talks and workshops. I’m going to have a lot of fun playing with that idea!




What do you think?

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