Tired and Wired

I’m tired and wired. I always feel a bit tense after parent’s evenings at school for some reason. It’s something about the melting pot of different (oft stringent) points of views. It feels like a tightrope walk. Once false move and it could get bloody!

I was going to write about an interesting talk I’ve seen on humans’ ability to  manufacture happiness but now I’m all knotty so I’ll leave that til another time. Instead I think I’ll just sit here in bed for a while and sip my chamomile tea, eat my 2 ginger biscuits and be grateful. It seems like the best way to loosen some of those knots.

I’m grateful….

  • For the glorious weather we’ve been having
  • For our wonderful babysitter – Lizzy
  • For the melting pot of people that is our school (and the opportunities for personal growth therein!)
  • For ginger biscuits and chamomile tea
  • For this blog
  • For you

2 responses to “Tired and Wired

  1. Well I remember those days! At least the intensity shows how much people care about the school and the education of children. So much better than apathy (though significantly more tiring…) Thank God for tea and cookies. Or in my case: Port and chocolates.

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