Inhabiting a new skin

The reason I’m so passionate about my Future Self Now program and this blog is because I love exploring what it takes to expand into a greater vision of  ourselves. 

We all know that we are capable of greater things but how do we bridge the perceived gap between that future fabulous self and who we are experiencing ourselves as right now?

By learning bit by bit to get used to our fabulousness, that’s how!

Most change doesn’t happen as a big Ta Da! It happens incrementally, almost imperceptibly. One day we turn around and go – boy! I did all that in only one year?! Do it now. Think back to this time last year. What have you achieved since then? My bet is that it’ll be a nice surprise.

I’ve had this explained to me using the metaphor of the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal has 6 locks which can raise even huge cruise ships up a total of 85ft. The people in those cruise ships, however, don’t feel that 85ft leap because they are simply sailing into one lock, gently rising as the water enters, then motoring smoothly into the next lock, and so on. This is how change is for us and it gives us a great clue about how we can expand into a greater vision for ourselves.

One of the questions I ask new clients of Future Self Now is “What has your Future Self had to get used to in order to become who she/he is?” The answer might be, ‘having lots of money to spare in the bank account’ or ‘talking to large audiences’ or ‘not being in London any more’. Whatever the answer is, we need to do what it takes to  get used to this new way of being – like a snake gradually shedding an old skin in favour of a shiny new one!

I’m pleased to report that I went to the movies again today, (keeping up my commitment to being brave and letting myself experience this kind of indulgence on a weekly basis), and I notice that it’s starting to feel less like an bloody outrageous thing to do and more like routine. (I’m aiming for that great moment, in the local pub or coffee shop, when they see you walk in and say “The usual?”)  In other words I’m starting to normalise this feeling of abundance -“Yes, of course I can be this happy every week!” If I allow myself this, then I can start to inhabit a new skin – one which allows me all sorts of other abundances. In other words, start small to achieve big.

Today: weekly movie-going,  tomorrow: International Inspirational Speaker!

What’s the skin you’re moving into? Think of ways you can start to allow yourself the kind of abundance your Future Self enjoys. You’ve got to get used to it sometime!


What do you think?

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