Getting back on the horse

Had a lot of fun putting this together yesterday:



If you saw my blog on Friday you’ll see where the motivation for this came from. Getting back on the horse. Neigh!




6 responses to “Getting back on the horse

  1. Hey there beautiful leader. Great to see you exploring new pathways and being willing to share your “beginnings and experiments”.
    A reminder to us all, to take small steps, and share the small steps forward we take. Particularily inspiring, and we learn not only from our own, but from each other’s sharing.
    Book for you to consider as you build the support you need to reach out to people at the next level…: Who’s got your back. Keith Ferrazzi.

    And thanks for the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang video from the day before! It made me smile. A theme of that movie is about the support we all need to help each other overcome the obstacles, and ultimately we all win together, and I expect there’s some happiness in there to boot.

  2. “When it gets distressing, THAT’s a blessing…” Love the Chitty Bang Bang clip from yesterday’s post. Made me smile. IF I wasn’t living so far away (across the huge Atlantic ocean) I’d be at your workshop. It WILL be a good one!

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