Knowing and Flowing

Today this statement is fully coming home to me:

I must learn to really love where I am, no matter what, whilst reaching for more

It is of course, a paradox. Reaching for more can so easily descend into dissatisfaction with the present and the desire to push, to make things happen, and yet, the ‘more’ can only happen when we are fully available to the perfection of the current moment.In other words, when we are ‘loving what is’ we are at our most non-resistant and open to abundance in all its forms.

In the Future Self work I call this ‘Knowing and Flowing’. The idea that we rejoice in knowing who are Future Self is (i.e. who we really are) but then let go and let flow in order to be at our most available to that future.

Easier said than done! I suppose this is why this blog is so important to me. By allowing myself to concentrate on my daily flow – my daily ability to let go of ambition and just adore my Now – I am strangely doing more for my dreams than if I were to actively persue them. It feels scary to let go of the reins and just have fun doing what naturally arises as the next right thing to do. I like to plan, I like to know what’s next! Is this why they say that “Happiness is a form of courage”? It takes a lot of trust, surely, to do all this. But this is the experiment and I mean to do my best.





What do you think?

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