4 ways to some relief

So the idea of ‘One day at a time’ was definitely a good one (seeSad in Cornwall) but unfortunately the sad feeling remains. Various dramas, misunderstandings and upsets have still been occuring and so hard to be in the middle of it all.

I’m reminded of various energy excercises that can help at times like these. I’ve been using them to try to keep an even-keel.

  1. Send mental  ‘arrows of love’ to the friends that are suffering
  2. Imagine a pink bubble around myself and my family to protect them from any negative energy
  3. Picture roots going from the soles of my feet into the earth – to keep me grounded
  4. Literally wipe awayany perceived negative energy from my body in the shower and imagine it flushing down the drain

At this point, it is not about expecting myself to be anywhere than where I’m at but I can afford myself some relief. An energy ladder is a good idea at a time like this too – so I will do one of those too.

Spotty internet access here so that’s why there have been fewer blog entries recently. I’ll be back on track at the weekend and will have more of a perspective on things then too hopefully.


2 responses to “4 ways to some relief

  1. Just really hearing the part of you that’s sad, and the part of you that wants and needs grounding, and the part of you that wants to support your friends.
    It’s interesting, a happiness experiment, in the face of this….
    I read recently, something about when people “leave” that this person thinks of it as “graduating” rather than leaving. So many amazing stories about what happens in seizmic changes like this. A dear friend has had 4 of her group of 6 core community move away this year. She is still moving through it, and seeds of growth are occuring. I recently have had a long dear friend “disappear” and as I apply this idea of “graduating”, I am somehow comforted. Somehow it’s healthier than the feeling you did something wrong, and the helplessness that goes with that. At least,…part of me is comforted 🙂
    I really really hear you and hope you can hear yourself and “really get it”….and I hope you can gift yourself some time to “rest” from it, and continue to fill yourself up with compassion and mercy. Kelly

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