Turning my boat around

It’s late – it’s been a packed day, full of ups and downs but suffice it to say I’ve had a day that is much more about pointing my boat downstream rather than madly trying to work my way against the current!

I’m experiencing myself evolving a new way of looking at myself. Our journey through life is so often about expanding and then catching up with that expansion. Today I think I finally decided to catch-up with the idea of myself as a speaker. I’m on the first rung of that particular ladder but at least I can embrace it and say, “Yes, this is me”.

What helped enormously was going in on myself today and having a chat with that 12 year old girl who had just fallen off the stage. She was stuck there in permanent humilation. I talked to her, soothed her and persuaded her to take my hand and walk away from that moment forever. It is no longer relevant and we determined it will no longer define us.

We’re off to meet our Future Self now!



3 responses to “Turning my boat around

  1. So pleased you’re edging closer to your FS – who you really are. You have such courage and talent, T – you really can’t fail, given that it is those who are prepared to fail and learn from their failures who ultimately succeed. You’re on your way.

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