Gratitude: mini-meditation

Thank you to everyone who sent their best wishes to Guy’s father. He is still in hospital as they cannot work out what’s wrong with him – he’s having every test under the sun. He’s receiving excellent care though and because he’s so near to home (the hospital is only half a mile away from his house), then most of his neighbours and friends from church etc. have already been to see him. True to form, George is in good spirits and I’m sure telling some great yarns to all the nurses. I’ll keep you posted on his progress. Hopefully he’ll be at home in time for Christmas.

Guy has now worked things out to spend some time with his Dad AND be at home for Christmas eve which is wonderful.

A friend of mine was telling me about a ninety-year old aquaintance of hers who said (when asked if his daughter was happy), “What is happiness really? I’ll tell you what it is: it’s gratitude.”

I considered this – it sounded true but why? I think it’s because gratitude is only possible with conciousness. Conciousness is attention. Attention is Presence.

Think of contemplating a beautiful flower and feeling gratitude. We cannot do that and not be in the Now. So, one could even say that gratitude is like a mini meditation – a wonderful way of shutting out all the other chatter. In other words gratitude brings us closer to spirit and flow – the natural home of happiness.


How lovely then, to contemplate what I’m grateful for tonight:

  • For the excellent care George is receiving
  • For his high spirits
  • For this gorgeous and huge family that George has nurtured and loved so well over the years and who are all now rallying around so wonderfully
  • For family, close and extended, and special times together
  • For timely reminders




What do you think?

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