A Unique Kind of Happiness

Christmas Eve – a very special brand of happiness that can only be experienced on this one day of the year: Guy’s annual last-minute dash to buy my present, the making of the stuffing, the bread-sauce and other seasonal goodies for the feast tomorow, friends, mulled wine, silly games, open fires, the children’s excited and enraptured faces, the carols sung around the piano, unopened presents around the tree – that wonderful backround hum of sheer delightful anticipation!

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Wishing you all a very, very happy Christmas and a delicious, luscious and abundant New Year!

I am going away now for just over a week. I will try to blog if I have access to Wi-Fi but otherwise I’ll be back after the 4th of January.

Remember – there is nothing more important than your happiness. Spread it around with joyous abandon!

Toodle-pip and Tra-la-la.



One response to “A Unique Kind of Happiness

  1. dearest T….wishing you ooooodles of love and joy this Christmas week and big hugs to you, Guy, Jules & Sasha. Caroline et son copain sont ici pour Noel–tout est complet (sauf mon fils qui nous manque…il a 30 ans ce jour!!!). Love to Guy and thinking of his father…xxx N
    PS love the shots of your blue Christmas tree! Very rat pack!

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