The lost post

It was pointed out to me that this post (which I wrote last Wednesday) did not make it to you – that’s because I published it in the wrong place. Duh! As I refered to this post in last Friday’s post I thought I better properly publish it now.


F*** It!

Woke up this morning with all sorts of intentions. Loads to do. Lots of balls to start rolling.

Got the kids off to school and….. nothing. Went back to bed. Slept. Tried writing. Nothing. Stared out of the window for a long time. Still no oomph. In fact I started getting a headache.

With help from my friend and coach, Kelly, I started to realise that my head was so full of  ‘things to do’ and ‘shoulds’ that a mini rebellion was taking place in my body. Mutiny!

So I gave in and let myself take it easy. I suppose I must need it. In fact later, in Sainsbury’s cafe, (managed at least to get some shopping done!), I even found myself writing a rebellious letter to the Universe:

“Why do I have to do all this stuff?”

“Who the f*** cares anyway?”

“I can do anything I want?”

And so on… it felt good to vent. Very good. Once I’d said it, it was gone.

I realise that we all have this need to rebel sometimes. We need to know that we are not robots – we are ‘us’ and we can jolly well do things our own way!

Do you need to break out of the mould a bit? Are you feeling trapped by your own assumptions and the (perceived) expectations of others?

It’s time to rebel.

  • Take a day off – lie in bed, stay in your pyjamas, watch movies
  • Get in the car and drive – no destination required
  • Throw an egg into the bath (weird, I know, but I did it once and it felt good)

Go on – be a devil!


2 responses to “The lost post

  1. Hey I remember when you said to throw an egg in the bath years ago – it DID feel good, but the clean up was a pain.:)
    In the last 24 hours we forgot a coat at my brothers, requiring a 40 minute addition to the 2 hour drive home, I got to work and realized I forgot my laptop (20 minutes round trip) and tonight I had to do an errand, and realized I forgot my money when at the till ( an extra 30 min trip)….so due to faulty memory I am not sure its rebellion I need, but some nurturing for sure. Headache. I took a moment and walked into a Pier 1 store, looking for something to nurture myself with, (unusual for me to do that) and while nothing called to me… the act of taking a 5 minute breather and looking at beautiful things just for me, did seem to raise my deflated mood a little. Comfort as well? Just asking for compassion and mercy.

    • Hey Kelly – sounds like the Universe might be asking you to slow down a little! I had a period like this once – I kept hitting traffic jams and road-blocks and having to do U Turns taking me way out of my way. It certainly applied to me then – “slow down!” Like you say, taking a breather, really helps. Look after yourself and maybe see if you can get a bit more space in your life. xx

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