Birthday happiness

It’s my birthday today and what a lovely day I’ve had! I started with a wash and blow-dry at my local hairdressers, (and if that aint proof of my middle-aged-dom, I don’t know what is!), then 10 wonderful friends came for coffee and cake. I asked them all to bring  pictures of what makes them happy so that we could make a collage together. Here’s the result:


Later this afternoon I sat down to a birthday tea with Guy and the children. Sasha had made the cake – a victoria sponge cake with jam and cream in the middle. Yum. Both of them had made me big cards by cutting up magazines. We reminisced about the year Guy was so busy at work that he only managed to buy me a Chocolate Orange from the local garage. Sasha thought that was so funny he ended up on the floor in a fit of  giggles!

Oh happy day.

I’m off to France tomorrow so if I can I’ll send something from there. If you don’t hear from me for a week, though, it’ll be because I haven’t got internet access.

Au Revoir!


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