The power of vulnerability

This Thursday evening I’m giving a talk at Hawkwood College in Stroud entitled “Loving What is Whilst Reaching for More – The Law of Attraction explained”. I’m looking forward to it and at the same time it feels quite a vulnerable things to do. What if I’ve pitched it wrong? What if it doesn’t make sense? What if I freeze?!

Many thanks then, to fellow blogger Beyourdreamself for putting me on to this great talk by Brene Brown who talks about the power of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. She discovered in her research that successful people are not only willing to be vulnerable but also they strongly believe that what makes them vulnerable makes them beautiful. Great stuff.

This is just a 5 minute clip but it’s well worth watching the longer versions of this talk too.


5 responses to “The power of vulnerability

  1. Ah yes, bring your vulnerability to it, while at the same time believing what you know to be true about your message T – it will all work out, just as it did with with Artist Way – perhaps something to share with the group – being on the court with moving this forward, and still figuring out how to do so, and inviting them to be journeypeople with you in the exploration…
    and…there is no one way to teach things, each new way is of value….trust that in yourself, kel

  2. Great T. Loving this Year two. Really looking forward to Thursday night and helping you. Learning to feel worthy of a brilliant life and having compassion towards myself. Big hug Jo xx

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