“Fake it til you make it”

Happy New Happy Year!

The mainstay of my program, Future Self Now, and indeed all Law of Attraction thinking, is the idea of feeling yourself in your Now as the best self that you fundamentally know you are.

Some know this as ‘Fake it til you make it’. Although this is still good advice, it needs to be clear that this confident person who you are ‘faking’ is still very much You. In your essence you ARE confident. You ARE lighthearted and courageous, beautiful and powerful. It’s just you’ve allowed other people’s stuff to cloud your knowledge of your greatness (we all do it). So it’s not faking it so much as transcending the rubbish that fogs the truth about ourselves.

Future Self by TreeA really good question I ask myself always is, “What would my Future Self (or Best Self) do now?”

I loved this article from The Guardian’s Mariella Frostrup (thanks for sending it to me,  Karen!) where she shares her strategy for attracting what she desires each year: by speaking as if she already has those desires. In other words she talks from the point of view of her Future Self.


A group of friends and I (we call ourselves ‘The Flagwavers’) did this recently – writing out what we would be saying about ourselves in January 2016 –  trusting that the Universe will fill in the gaps. We placed what we wrote into an envelope ready to be opened next January.

Last January (2014) we did a very similar thing and – guess what – everything we’d written had happened!

So, why not give it a go? Write out what, in your best-case scenario, you will be thanking your lucky stars for this time next year. Keep it safe, forget about it and see what miracles have unfolded when you read it this time next year. It works!







What do you think?

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